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August 17, 2023 3 min read

How To Recycle A Mattress

The disposal of mattresses is a growing environmental concern. 6,000,000 mattresses end up in Canadian landfills every year. Over the last decade, mattress recycling and reuse have become increasingly popular and necessary in order to reduce the amount of waste entering landfills. 

Fortunately, with advancements in technology, there are now more ways than ever before for people to recycle old mattresses responsibly. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can responsibly recycle or donate a mattress – depending on your situation – and Evrbed’s commitment to sustainability with its Evr-green initiative. 

How to Dispose of an Old Mattress

The best place to start when it comes to disposing of an old mattress is determining if you can reuse or recycle it. Before trying either of those options, consider whether the mattress could be donated first, as that reduces waste and supports those in need.  Here are several options to consider when disposing of an old mattress:

Option 1: Donate the Mattress

Most communities have charities or non-profits that accept used mattresses in good condition. 

If yours is still usable, donating it can prevent unnecessary waste and provide someone with a much-needed source of comfort. Just be sure to clean and sanitize your mattress first, as any stains or odours could disqualify it from being accepted by the charity. Another option is to give your mattress for free via Craiglist, Kiijji or Facebook Marketplace.

Option 2: Reuse the Mattress

If you’re not able to donate your mattress, consider using the materials for something else – such as making pet beds or stuffing furniture cushions. The key is finding creative ways to re-purpose old items instead of throwing them out.  All foam designs can quite often be trimmed down to other sizes. There is always guest rooms, cabins and recreational vehicles.

Option 3: Recycle Your Mattress 

If neither reuse nor donation are suitable options for you, recycling may be the way to go when it comes time to dispose of an old mattress responsibly. Many communities offer free curbside pickup for large electronics like mattresses which breaks down frames into scrap metal and foam into cushion stuffing materials. 

These can be reused in new products or disposed of through proper channels without taking up additional space in landfills. Be sure to check with your local municipality before arranging for a recycling pickup. 

Option 4: Evrbed's Evr-Green Commitment 

At Evrbed, we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously, which is why we proudly present the "Evr-Green Initiative." Our company is committed to leading the way in creating and promoting sustainable practices within the mattress industry.

With years of expertise and innovation, we have developed a mattress that not only provides quality sleep but also minimizes its environmental impact. As part of our Evr-Green commitment, we have established an innovation fund to support projects focused on sustainable mattress designs and cutting-edge recycling technologies.

We believe that it's crucial to give back to the community and environment, which is why we pledge to donate 1% of all our sales to non-profit organizations in the recycling, sustainability, and environmental sectors. This way, we can contribute to the greater cause of protecting our planet.

We encourage our customers to join us in this journey by returning their old mattress components to Evrbed for proper recycling when they purchase a new one. Together, we can make a significant difference in reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Bottom Line

The disposal of mattresses can be challenging due to their size and weight, yet it is entirely possible to do so responsibly through reuse, donation, or recycling. More sustainable options are now available for people looking for an eco-friendly way to handle their mattress disposal needs. 

Looking towards the future, we at Evrbed are committed to ensuring that even decades from now, our customers can trust us to responsibly handle the disposal or recycling of their mattresses when the time comes. Whether it's five, ten, or even thirty years from now, Evrbed will cover the associated costs – reaffirming our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

For more information about what we can offer regarding sustainability, visit  Evrbed.com today.