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July 13, 2023 3 min read

Evrbed: Creating the Evolution of the Perfect Mattress

We created the Evrbed over many years of working with our customers building and designing custom mattresses. The Evbed is the evolution of building a perfect mattress to fit the vast majority of individuals.

Supporting All Body Shapes and Sleep Preferences

To build the perfect mattress it first needs to be supportive and comfortable to all people. Since people come in all shapes and sizes we needed to create maximum flexibility. Not only do people come in all shapes and sizes, but they can also sleep on there backs, sides and stomachs and they can different preferences on what they like. We also had to take into account couples that have different sizes and preferences. At the end of the day everyone deserves great sleep and feeling of a luxurious mattress.

Premium Materials for Maximum Comfort and Longevity

Having the right fit is important, but to make this happen we chose to use some of the best materials available that our customers prefer but also know to have great feel and longevity. There are many different mattress types available from traditional spring mattresses to all foam designs and everything in between. Since we originated  as a custom shop we have utilized all different types of materials. We know from customer feedback and our experience what feels and works the best and that’s what we use.

Innovative Design for Customization and Sustainability

In the end we decided to use a Pocket Coil unit as our foundational support. We did this as we find a coil structure works for most body shapes include people that have curves. An all foam or latex design sometimes doesn’t work with curves. Utilizing a Pocket Coil reduces motion transfer but also creates a some underlying flexibility to adjust the support layer to all body shapes. Spring units also have great durability and can last over 30 years.

Next came the Comfort Layers.  Again since we are a custom shop we have seen it all and know what materials work the best and what doesn’t.  We decided to use Talalay latex because it ticks off all boxes. It comes in a variety of firmness levels, it is the most breathable comfort layer, it feels great and it lasts way longer than conventional foams and memory foam. Although memory foam is highly marketable, it does tend to be warmer and breaks down faster than we like. 

Although an Evrbed is constructed similarly to other mattresses, the most innovative part was designing it so the internal inserts can be accessed. On top of the latex inserts is our proprietary Evrbed fabic. It is a stretch knit Tencel and Polyester fabric that is breathable and has Alexium Cooling finish to ensure cool and breathable comfort. This cover can be fully zipped of and replaced as our customers see fit. 

The bigger thing is being to access the components creating more flexibility, durability and thus sustainability.  The internal latex inserts can be flipped, rotated, and eventually replaced at the end of its life cycle. Since the latex inserts come in different firmness levels our customers can make their mattress softer or firmer as needed. Lastly since we split the toppers, each sleeper gets their desired support and comfort they want. We consider this to be a modular mattress design. No need to compromise to get your best sleep ever.

This design allows the Evrbed to last 3-4 times longer than the industry average. Since it lasts longer and is designed to be updated it creates less waste going to landfills or potentially recycling facilities. 

Affordable Luxury: Value and Quality Combined

The final piece of the puzzle to make Evrbed the perfect mattress for everyone was to ensure its value was there. Since we are the manufacturer and the retailer of this mattress is the reason it isn’t twice the price. Our goal is for everyone to able to afford a high quality mattress, but again our mattresses last longer and creates the best sleep for our customers hard earned dollars.

We know the Evrbed is one of the best mattresses available when you take into account the versatility, the materials and service that backs it up. We have already done the research, but if you spend a few hours understanding mattress materials, design we know that you will see how good this mattress is. 

If you have any questions about the Evrbed, please let us know.