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Our Commitment To


Mattresses End Up In Canadian Landfills Every Year

This number must be lowered. The average sleeper buys a new mattress every 7 - 10 years, and this is what the industry wants. So we asked ourselves: what if a mattress lasted longer? We know certain components fail faster than others, rendering the entire mattress useless. This ultimately lead us to the evrbed modular mattress system. By developing a mattress with replaceable components, you change only what you need to, when you need to. This means the evrbed can last a lifetime - we meant it when we said "never buy another bed"!

It's A Collective Effort

At evrbed we believe in Quality over Quantity, Durable over Consumable, and Innovation over the Status Quo. That's why we have committed ourselves to removing and recycling every single mattress and component we produce. When you replace a component, simply return the used one to us and we will ensure its fully recycled. Better yet- when you purchase a new evrbed, we will take your old mattress away for recycling, hassle free.

Preserving the environment is a collective effort and we are proud to be a contributor. We have committed to monthly donations into the research that further advances technologies that reduce human impact on the environment. This is how we take things one step further than others to ensure we’re prepared for the next challenge.

Don't Mass Produce
We Make To Order

Your evrbed isn't built until you place your order. That means you get the custom mattress you want, and we don't produce more mattresses than needed, eliminating excess waste. The best part? We make them right here in Canada, employing skilled artisans and reducing the need for overseas shipping. We source the majority of our materials from local vendors, and continuously work with our suppliers to ensure supply chain and material sustainability.

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