The first affordable, premium mattress custom fit just for you.

Mass produced mattresses made to fit everybody actually fit nobody. You deserve a mattress made to give you your best night’s sleep. That’s why the Evrbed is custom
made to fit you.

A revolutionary new way to make your bed.

The modular construction of the Evrbed means we can custom fit it to your body and the way you sleep.

Our secret to saving you thousands of dollars
on a premium, custom fit mattress?

We are the factory!

You would think making beds one at a time would be incredibly expensive. It’s not, because you are buying your Evrbed from the manufacturer. You get fitted in the front and then we craft it in our factory the back. So there is no 100% markup like when you buy a mattress the old way.

Change to an Evrbed
and change your life

You know the value of a good night’s sleep - now imagine a good life’s sleep. You can be your best by day when you get plenty of rest at night. You perform better. Mental health is better. Well rested people find it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

What Our Clients
Say About Us

Your good life’s sleep
is just a short drive away.

Come down to our very nice showroom and in a no time at all you’ll see the light – fitting a mattress to you makes so much more sense than expecting you to adjust to a mattress.

Get a one and only Evrbed for the one and only you, and sleep happily evr after.

6 reasons Evrbed is changing the way the world sleeps


So, it can be made to fit how you rest best.


On both sides of the bed! So, both partners get their best rest.


Instead of buying a different mattress every 4 years, you can upgrade the one you have! Parts can be refreshed as needed.


Less waste because it is made sustainably, you can upgrade and it’s made right here in Calgary.


Don’t need to replace as often as a regular mattress. In fact, it may be the last bed you ever buy.


A $5000 value for just $2500!