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December 11, 2023 4 min read

What Mattress Companies Don't Want You To Know

As with any other industry, mattress companies have their own set of secrets they don't want you to know. Before considering which mattress is right for you, it's important to be informed of some hidden truths that some companies may not openly reveal. From materials used in construction to the industry terms about how long a mattress should last and "green" certificates.

Yes, some companies fake green certificates to attract more customers. Some will advertise claims, such as their mattresses being certified organic, when the labels are false or misleading. Consumers should always investigate and verify materials used for construction (such as recycled foam) and certifications an organization has obtained. 

In this post, we reveal what mattress companies don't want you to know. Knowledge is power, and having this information may help in choosing the best mattress for you and your family.

7 Things Mattress Companies Don't Want You To Know

How often have you seen a store advertise a huge mattress sale with eye-catching discounts? Mattress companies can be very clever with their marketing tactics, but there are things they don't want customers to know. 

Here are seven things retailers don't tell you about mattresses and how you can protect yourself:

1. Markup and Discounts

Holiday season is just around the corner. Don't be fooled by mattress retailers claiming to offer big discounts or special sales. Many times, they have marked up prices from the start in order to do this. 

Take some time to compare prices across different stores and research which ones are truly offering deals that save you more money in the long run — otherwise, you may end up paying a lot more than what you had expected.

2. Materials and Quality

Another important factor many companies don’t disclose is the materials used in their mattresses, along with any construction details. Low-quality foam is often disguised as “hypoallergenic” or other promising descriptions but won't last your sleep experience very long at all. 

Knowing exactly what type of material and quality will help make an informed decision before investing in a mattress.

3.  Longevity and Durability

No matter how terrific a mattress looks, it doesn’t guarantee it will last years upon years of sleeping on it. Companies don't usually tell you the longevity or durability unless you ask. 

Look at user reviews and estimate what the expected lifespan is before taking any further steps. You may also want to double-check their warranty policies.

4. Return and Warranty Policies

On a similar note, some companies won't fully disclose their return policy or warranty details until asked — and even then, the information can be quite confusing! It'll save you a ton of headaches if you read through or ask for clarification on these terms carefully before making your purchase. 

Be sure to understand clearly what is covered, along with any associated costs you may incur if you need help with returns or repairs down the road.

5. Sleep Trials 

We've likely all heard of mattress sleep trials, but companies may neglect to tell you about the hassle a return can bring. 

After it is often said and done, it can be inconvenient and pricey — not to mention how heavy the mattresses are — to transport and ship them back again. Make sure you understand what the policy entails before taking any further steps.

6. Customization Options

Sometimes, personalizing your mattress sounds promising until you realize that some companies don’t offer as many customization options as they lead on. Double-check what the company offers if this is something important for your comfort level before making a decision.

Don’t fall for false advertising here; ask for details carefully before committing to an expensive purchase. 

7. Eco-Friendliness

Finally, with sustainability on everyone's minds these days, eco-friendliness has become increasingly important in product choice — especially large investments like mattresses.

Be careful about trusting too easily, though; not all companies will provide accurate information when it comes to their environmental impact or sustainable materials used in their products. Do research and double-check sources when considering green alternatives.


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