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July 13, 2023 3 min read

The Best Mattress for Couples of Different Sizes

A plain, ordinary mattress can be acceptable, and even comfortable, for a single sleeper. But when it’s time to share a bed with another person, the stakes are much higher.

Most couples choose to endure the night on a mattress that is either too stiff or too soft, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep and possible aches and pains in the morning. Others opt for two separate beds pushed together, but this can leave them feeling seasick when one person moves while the other stays still.

For couples that don’t match in size, finding the right mattress is even trickier since each individual's needs and preferences must be considered. The best mattress for couples of different sizes is one that offers both comfort and support while also accommodating their unique body types.

What makes the best mattress for couples of different sizes?

Lucky for couples struggling with clashing mattress preferences, the mattress industry has come a long way and now offers clever solutions that provide comfort, support, and durability.


The best mattress for couples of different sizes keeps both sleepers in mind. The choice of materials dictates the comfort level and support it can provide.

A good option is a hybrid mattress that combines multiple layers of foam and coils to maximize its ability to contour and cushion the body while providing deep support.

Dual firmness

The ability to pick different firmness levels for each side of the bed is a great feature for couples with mismatched sleeping needs and preferences. Dual-firmness mattresses provide both sleepers with their desired level of support without compromising on quality or comfort.

Motion isolation

Couples with different levels of mobility that share a bed can lead to disruptive sleep patterns if their mattress doesn’t include motion isolation features. A mattress with an excellent core design can absorb movement to reduce motion transfer, providing peaceful, uninterrupted sleep for both partners.

Edge support

While most mattress designs favour comfort, a mattress with good edge support is crucial for couples sharing a bed. A robust edge ensures that both sleepers can take advantage of the full surface area without the risk of sliding off the bed or feeling unsupported at the edges.

What makes Ervbed perfect for couples?

Matching a mattress to different body types and sleeping preferences can be challenging, but it’s not impossible with the right combination of features and components.

  • Hybrid mattresses: An Evrbed is a hybrid mattress that combines the support of the QUADCOIL 4-in-1 design with the contouring of multiple comfort layers. This technology helps evenly distribute weight, reduce motion transfer, and provide comfort for both sleepers while offering adequate edge support.
  • Replaceable components: Since a mattress is such a huge investment, Ervbed’s ability to replace certain parts helps keep comfort at its maximum for both partners and extend the mattress's lifespan by adding or replacing layers as needed.
  • Dual firmness: Designed to accommodate the needs and preferences of both sleepers, Evrbed allows you to customize each side of the sleeping surface to provide different levels of comfort. One sleeper can enjoy the plush feel of the softer side, while the other can experience firmer support on the opposite side.
  • Warranty: Ervbed comes with a 20-year warranty on the mattress core, one of the longest in the industry. So you’re probably never buying another bed again!
  • Sleep-trial period: With a 120-day comfort guarantee, you can enjoy the mattress for four months before deciding if it’s right for you and your partner.

The hybrid construction, dual firmness, and replaceable components of Evrbed make it the perfect mattress for couples of different sizes. It provides support and comfort for both partners, regardless of their size or sleeping preferences.

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