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June 22, 2023 3 min read

Finding the Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief

A poor mattress can significantly contribute to lower back pain. Without the proper support, a person's sleeping posture can become compromised and cause strain on the muscles. This strain leads to an unbalanced spine which causes discomfort.

Not only does it contribute to physical pain, but it also can rob people of comfort during the night. A mattress properly-suited to one's preferences provides comfort and helps keep the spine balanced, allowing for complete relaxation and rejuvenation while sleeping.

How to Choose a Mattress for Back Pain

When selecting a mattress, several factors should be taken into consideration. 

Personal Preference

Everyone has different preferences when selecting the best mattress for them and relieving their low back pain. To determine what type of mattress works best, individuals should focus on the comfort and support provided by the mattress to get an optimal night's sleep. 

Physical Components

It is important to understand the physical components of a mattress before making a purchase. Mattresses have inner springs or coils for support and padding in varying thicknesses and range from 9-18 inches deep. Another design would be using Foam as a support layer. This is done in many different configurations and heights are normally 8 to 14 inches deep.

Depending on individual needs and preferences, customers should consider the number of coils, padding and depth for their mattress. They should also consider the firmness of Foam or Springs as well. Too much firmness or softness for your body can stop the mattress from contouring properly to your body shape. 

Quality Materials

The material of the mattress is also a factor to consider when dealing with back pain. Latex and Regula foams are responsive and have some push back. Memory foam is great for contouring and pressure relief but make sure there is sufficient support below the memory. Find the balance between some comfort and deeper firmness to maintain spinal alignment. 

The Right Fit

It is essential to buy a mattress that fits both your body shape and size; this can be difficult if buying from an in-store showroom or online retailer, as you cannot try out the mattress before purchasing it. It can especially be difficult for couples that have different body shapes, sleep positions and preferences..

Comfort and Support

Finding the perfect balance between back support and comfort is essential when sleeping on a mattress. 

If your mattress is too hard, you may experience pain in areas under pressure while lying down. To avoid this, a medium-firm mattress can be more comfortable, allowing the shoulders and hips to sink in slightly. Those who want extra back support should look for mattresses with thicker padding to ensure greater comfort during their sleep.

 More support is is generally better for those with back issues, but ensure you have some contouring. Againg you don’t want to wake up do to pressure points.

There is also a tendency to go too firm to fix a bad back and you can overshoot and go with too much firmness.

Why a Personalized Mattress like Evrbed Is the Solution

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when getting the right mattress that supports your back. A personalized mattress from Evrbed can provide a tailored sleep experience for individuals with back pain.

The unique design of Evrbed allows customers to customize their mattresses and achieve maximum comfort while sleeping. With its adjustable layers of foam, the mattress can be tailored to provide optimal spinal alignment and cushioning for all body types and sleeping positions. 

The personalized mattress from Evrbed is ideal for those struggling with back pain. With its adjustable layers, customizable firmness levels and sizes, this mattress will provide maximum comfort and support while helping to alleviate any discomfort caused by low back pain.

Furthermore, this mattress is sure to provide long-term satisfaction and fulfillment. WithEvrbed, customers can get the perfect mattress tailored to their individual needs so they can finally get a good night's rest.