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What Are The Details Of Our Warranty Policy?

Congratulations on your purchase of an evrbed! We are committed to the quality and durability of your purchase.

Quilted Covers are covered under warranty for 5 years for manufacturer defects, including zippers and depressions greater than 1".

Latex Inserts, including slipcovers, are covered under warranty for 5 years for manufacturer defects. Latex Toppers are covered under warranty for depressions greater than 3/4". Photographic evidence may be required. New inserts can be purchased via evrbed.com/pages/shop. If it is determined the toppers failed prematurely, we will provide new components at evrbed's expense, and will recycle the old insert.

Spring units are covered under warranty for 20 years. Evrbed Spring Units are completely covered or repaired for the duration of the warranty. Spring units are covered for broken, loose or depressed coils. The warranty will cover coils or wires that project through the fabric and loose tape edge stitching. Spring units are also covered for depressions greater than 1.5 inches. Zippers on spring units are covered for 5 years, but should last 20 years with regular use. We will repair any Spring unit for any defect if it is delivered to our manufacturing facility. Delivery to evrbed will be at the customers own cost, however, repairs and delivery back to the customer will be evrbed's responsibility to major centers.


The evr-guarantee Does Not Cover The Following:

  • Changing comfort preference, as bodies change over time, and what was once comfortable may not be anymore.
  • Structural damage incurred from bending or moving a mattress improperly.
  • Mattress or foundation damage due to abuse.
  • Soiled or stained mattresses are not covered, as this can damage materials and components within a mattress. new replacement components can be purchased via our shop.
  • Body Indentations less than 1.5 inches — we will fix any issues, but labour and parts charges may apply.