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What Are The Details Of Our Innovation Fund?

At evrbed we are committed to mattress sustainability and the environment. As part of that commitment we will support research and development of mattress materials to support the entire mattress life cycle. The world doesn’t need more mattresses being made and sent to the landfill in an endless cycle of consumerism. By using better materials, and techniques mattresses can last longer which does help. That being said, designing mattresses to be easily recycled takes concerted effort.

We will support projects and companies that are working in this field whether it is designing and making new materials, or end of lifecycle equipment or support for mattress recyclers. These efforts will be supported by voluntary time and monetary.

If you are looking for support in these efforts, please contact us at:


How We Give Back

1% of all sales goes into our innovation fund as well as towards non profits that are in the Recycling, Sustainability and Environmental. If we are replacing an existing mattress in your home we will have your old mattress recycled. We also commit to recycling your evrbed in the future. It might be 30 years down the road, but we will cover the recycling expense when and if you need it.


Recent Initiatives

September 8, 2022

Monetary Donation towards new equipment for Calgary Mattress Recycler Re-Matt. The new equipment makes it much faster and easier to recycle Pocket Coil Springs. The metal is collected and sold to metal recyclers.

September 25, 2022

Evrbed sponsored the recycling of Mattresses and Box Springs for the Calgary Community Association of Coach-Hill/ Patterson Heights. Re-Matt a local Calgary mattress recycling company, collected mattresses on site for recycling.

If you or someone you know is interested in help with supporting Mattress Recycling or Innovation in sustainability in regards to mattresses please contact us at