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December 06, 2023 3 min read

Why Shopping for a Mattress Is So Confusing

are not cheap investments. One wrong decision can leave you stuck with an uncomfortable and overpriced mattress for years. Potential buyers are put off by the information overload, the big decisions involved, and not knowing which type to choose – all of which make shopping for a mattress quite confusing.

Reasons Why Shopping for a Mattress Can Be So Confusing

Let's examine some of the factors that contribute to the confusion when shopping for a mattress (and dispel a few myths along the way):

Wide Variety

There's a dizzying array of mattress types, styles and makes available on the market these days. You may consider buying from an online retailer or going to one of the major brick-and-mortar stores.

It’s hard to know where to start, which will bring the most value for your money, and how to protect yourself against over-aggressive salespeople.

Subjective Comfort

Remember, we all have different comfort levels, so what works well for one person might not be right for another. To know which bed will best suit you, make sure you don’t just take the salesperson’s word at face value.

Try out a couple of different mattresses for softness level and firmness level options before making any decisions.

Sales Tactics

It's no secret that salespeople try to upsell potential customers to purchase more expensive items by instilling a sense of urgency into their pitches. Don't fall for the pressure when shopping around, especially during the sale season.

Lack of Transparency

In today's world, manufacturers often use technical jargon, obscure acronyms or make generic claims about what type of mattress you should buy without being truly transparent in their description.

Frequent Sales and Discounts

It's great that stores offer clearance sales and discounts, but they sometimes add a degree of FOMO (fear of missing out), wondering what sale might be right around the corner.

Technical Jargon

There are lots of confusing industry terms thrown around, such as PED foam and elastaic material within mattresses. It’s best to take a moment or two to understand exactly how these components affect support (weight limit), comfort (how soft/firm it is) or durability (how long it will last) before buying.

Marketing Hype

Let's be honest. The industry is full of advertising schemes and promotions focused on a product's bells and whistles. Ask yourself: Are these features you need or just ones you have been convinced to value?

Lack of Testing

To guarantee the quality of the mattress (online or in-person), find out what sort of credentials (if any) they hold for safety standards/certifications or durability tests done beforehand.

Price Range

Mattress prices can range from affordable to luxurious depending on brand value and material components, so make sure you don't start budget shopping without doing homework.

Making Shopping for Mattress Easier

How do you get over the confusion? Here are five simple steps that will help you shop for a mattress with more confidence:

Do Your Research

It's important to do plenty of research on which mattress fits best with your comfort preference, budget and sleeping posture.

Test In-Person (if possible)

You can gather all kinds of facts from research, but when shopping at a store, personally testing a variety of mattresses is key because not every bed will offer the same level of comfort.

Step into the store with an open mind (as much as possible) so each option can be fit-tested firsthand. This allows you to compare products side-by-side and find one that best suits you before filling out your credit card number.

Ask Questions

Don't feel embarrassed about asking questions - it doesn’t make a bad impression. It's an opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in mattress manufacturing and what features products may have.

Consider Your Sleep

Make sure to think about how you like to fall asleep on your current mattress and any issues you may have with it. Do you toss and turn? Does back pain bother you at night?

Take some notes before making a decision, and ask specific questions about how each product might help.

Trust Yourself

Most importantly, believe in your judgement because no review or expert suggestion will stand close to your comfort level. It's up to YOU to decide the best option based on your personal preferences.


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