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September 11, 2023 3 min read

Combination Sleeper Mattress: Enhance Your Rest in Any Position

Have you ever wondered why your sleep feels incomplete, leaving you groggy and unrested the next morning? It turns out that the type of mattress you sleep on can significantly impact the quality of rest you get.

Many people toss and turn, unable to settle into a comfortable position for a good night's sleep. If this is something you struggle with, it may be time to consider upgrading your mattress. But do you go with a soft mattress, a firm mattress, or an in-between option?

From spring mattresses to memory foam, the choices can be overwhelming. However, one type stands out from the rest: a combination sleeper mattress. Let's take a look at what makes this mattress so special and how it can improve your sleep.

Who is a combination sleeper?

Most people fall into one of these three categories when it comes to sleeping: back, side, or stomach sleepers. Depending on what type of sleeper you are, the mattress you choose can make a big difference in your sleep quality.

If you’re a combination sleeper—meaning that you sleep in multiple positions throughout the night—then you may find that a combination sleeper mattress can significantly improve your sleep quality.

Some combination sleepers may switch between their back, side, and stomach from night to night or even within the same one. This type of sleeper needs a mattress that supports all positions, precisely what a combination sleeper mattress provides.

What is a combination sleeper mattress?

A combination sleeper mattress, also known as a hybrid mattress or a multi-position sleeper mattress, is specifically designed to accommodate multiple sleeping positions, making it an ideal choice for those who regularly switch between back, stomach, and side sleeping.

The combination design allows you to experience greater comfort regardless of your preferred sleeping position while providing superior support and cushioning for the body.

How a combination sleeper mattress improves sleep

Even though each combination sleeper mattress may vary depending on the type of materials used, the most common construction is a combination of foam layers and pocketed coils.

It can provide the following benefits:

  • Comfortable and responsive: The foam layers provide cushioning and support that contours to the shape of your body, while the pocketed coils add a layer of bounce to the mattress, making it easier to shift positions throughout the night.
  • Reduced pressure points: The combination of foam and coils helps to reduce pressure points by evenly distributing your body weight, helping alleviate pain, especially in areas such as hips and shoulders. 
  • Neutral spine alignment: The added flexibility of the mattress helps keep your spine correctly aligned throughout the night, reducing the chance of soreness or stiffness in the morning.
  • Low motion transfer: The pocketed coils absorb movement, minimizing the motion transferred from one side of the bed to another. So, if your partner tosses and turns in the middle of the night, you’re less likely to be disturbed.

This type of mattress also offers better breathability than many other options because its construction allows air circulation through its various layers, which will help you stay cool throughout the night.

Get the best sleep possible with Evrbed

A combination sleeper mattress offers the perfect blend of cushioning and support to give you the restful sleep you deserve. Aside from providing a comfortable and responsive sleep surface, this mattress also helps to reduce pressure points and keep the spine in a neutral position.

Evrbed is a hybrid yet customizable mattress made with a unique combination of Talalay Latex layers for cushioning comfort, QUADCOIL Pocket Coils for added flexibility and bounce, and Stretch-knit quilted Tencel Cooling Cover for better pressure relief and temperature regulation.

Even better, it has a 20-year guaranteed warranty on the mattress core, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.

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